Bloody Rose

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▀ (2) r-y-c-h-a-n whispered, "Hi. I just want to ask if there is a vampire knight 2 ? thanks.."

What do you mean? You mean like, a season 2? Yes. It’s called Vampire Knight Guilty!

▀ (1) theoriginofswag-deactivated2011 whispered, "I just want to say, thank you for creating this tumblr. :') I've looked for great vampire knight gifs all over, but your tumblr has the best qaulity ones i've seen!"

Thank you very much! :*

I apologize for the lack of GIFs lately! Guilty was just released on DVD today so expect some new quality stuff ASAP. :3

▀ (1) minnieneko-deactivated20120726 whispered, "i soo love this blog. keep on posting a lot! im an otaku and vampire knight i <3 check out my blog too :)"

Thank you.

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